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What is a Combined 4?

You may have heard about us talk about the Combined 4 division a lot. Whether you have

been to the speedway before or have seen us around town and seen one of these cars and thought to yourself, Hmm what is that?

The simple answer is it's a race car.

Now for the more complicated answer. No it's not what you would see on TV going 200 miles at Daytona. These cars are just everyday vehicles that were pulled from the road and turned into race cars. There are Neons, Cobalts, 240sx, Cavaliers, Mustangs and other cars that have been converted to race cars.

The difference between the Combined 4 class and other divisions in Ontario is that at other tracks these cars would fall under two different categories, Pure Stock and Mini Stock. At Sauble Speedway those two divisions would fall under the same category. Combined 4's. With low car counts across the province the track decided to try something different to beef up car counts and entertainment.

With that being said on average you would see 12-15 cars on a regular night battle side by side, lap after lap. The only difference between these battles and battles happening at other tracks would be the clock. To keep the field competitive and close drivers could not go faster than a lap time of 17.6 second lap. If you ran a faster lap you had to pull over and let three cars pass you then re join. It made for you to get everything out of your car without going to fast.

Now, the most common question is what are the rules and tech like? Well the good thing is there is no tech. Even better is the fact that the rules all do with safety. You can find that by clicking here. Some of the rules include, all drivers must have proper and up to date safety equipment. Other rules being must run 4 cylinder motor, must run fenders, all wheels must fit inside body. No weight rule. All cars must run transponders.

In 2023, the combined 4 division can not run faster than 17.5 lap time. You will be able to catch these cars on track 12 times this year at the track. With some marquee events such as the Beachcomber 40 on Saturday, July 22, the Battle of the Beach on Wednesday on August 2nd, then to cap off the season on Sunday, September 3rd with the Boss of the Beach.


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