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The Man Behind The 5/18 car, Steve Heard.

This weeks driver spotlight is on the driver of the 5/18 combined 4 car, Steve Heard. Steve is a family man who lives in the country by beautiful Arran Lake, he is a

business owner of Black Sheep Customs in Port Elgin and he is about to start his 3rd season of racing at Sauble Speedway!

Steve’s family has been in the racing scene for years with his kids racing in different divisions at various tracks. Steve decided that for the 2021 season it was “the old guys turn to race”. Steve decided to start racing after the devastating loss of his oldest daughter, Lori. Lori lost her battle with mental health on November 8, 2019 and since then Steve and his family have been doing everything they can to promote mental health awareness and suicide prevention. Steve states that “it is a great platform to get in front of some fans and spread a much needed message”. Steve continued to say “our family hopes we can help even one person speak up and know there are people who will listen”. Steve’s car number is in honour of Lori. 5/18 represents her birth date which is May 18.

I asked Steve if he could give one piece of advice to someone just getting into racing, what would it be? Steve’s response was “Pace yourself. Realize that it will take time to gain experience and get out front. Seat time and confidence are the tools to become a great safe racer. I’m still learning myself.” Even though Steve is still learning that art of racing himself he managed to pull off a pretty awesome triumph in the 2022 season which was only his 2nd season racing! Steve and his 5/18 team came in 2nd overall in the season point standing! When asked if Steve has anything else he would like the fans to know Steve stated “first and foremost I’m a dad and husband, if it wasn’t for my family’s involvement I wouldn’t be racing, we are still finding our groove in the racing world but 2nd season, 2nd overall in points was a great start.

First, the fans are the race fuel that keeps us all racing. If not for the fan turn out us

drivers wouldn’t have a sport! So huge thanks to all who come out and support us. Second, the fellow drivers, the more the merrier even though we are all trying to out gun each other we still try hard to have mutual respect among us. And last but not least, the track owners and operational staff, the hours and work put into planning and maintenance goes without saying. Huge thanks for giving us a place to make a lot of left hand turns and the occasional hard right haha”.

Good Luck to Steve Heard and his 5/18 team as they go into the 2023 season!

And please remember, you don’t have to suffer in silence, there are people out there to listen.

“It’s ok not to be ok.”

Story by: Shelby Goodwin

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May 16, 2023

Can't wait to run circles with you Steve. Pops will be right behind you learning as a 65 year old rookie lol. CGC Racing is looking to have fun and promote the combine 4 class at Sauble Speedway and build friendships. See you soon

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