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2023 Season Highlights!

I know, I know, I know. We're all excited for the new season at Sauble Speedway. I can tell you this! SO ARE WE!!! It's going to be an amazing season full of great events. The full schedule will be released early in the new year.

Let's get into the highlights of the 2023 season shall we?

RETURN OF THE LATE MODELS! The rumble of Pro Late Models will once again come to life at Sauble Speedway with a 5 race schedule.

Sauble Speedway will be hosting a 54 lap Super Stock invitational on August 6th!

Mini Stock invitational will be run on Sunday, July 2nd!

The Roote's Gas Bar United 8's will see a time change. From 15.4 to 15.7

Combined 4's will stay at their time of 17.5.

Stay tuned as we will have a memo come out about the breakout rule for the 2023 season.

More information will be released soon about the Pro Late Models as well as the Super Stock Invitational!


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